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In March 1975, a two-part story of ‘The Six Million Dollar Man’ introduced the character of Jaime Sommers, an old flame of bionic hero Steve Austin. The two rekindled their relationship, but then a skydiving accident left Jaime critically injured; Steve turned to O.S.I. boss Oscar Goldman for help, and so Doctor Rudy Wells was authorised to carry out another bionic replacement operation, ensuring that Jaime joined the roster of cybernetically enhanced characters. However, just as Steve and Jaime made plans to get married, Jaime's body rejected her new bionic limbs and she tragically died.

That appeared to be the end of Jaime - until, that is, the studio bosses at ABC realised just how popular Lindsay Wagner's portrayal of Jaime had become. The decision was made to bring the character back to life, and so, in January 1976, the first series of 'The Bionic Woman' was aired.


The show ran for three seasons, with several stories crossing-over with ‘The Six Million Dollar Man’. As well as guest appearances by Lee Majors as Steve Austin, the show also featured regulars Richard Anderson as O.S.I. head Oscar Goldman, and Martin E. Brooks as Doctor Rudy Wells. The first two seasons were shown on ABC, before being picked up by NBC for its final season; by this point the stories had become quite fantasy-orientated, with aliens, demons and even a bionic dog named Max making an appearance. A final three television movies were shown some years later, effectively wrapping up the franchise as Steve and Jaime live bionically ever after.


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